E3 Innovations gives everyone direct access to the system of their cars. We produce up to date predictive information, including road conditions and changes in the vehicle. With our innovations cars can be put on a network to provide more value for the car, the driver, the company and the society.

Our mission is to produce helpful information from vehicle data for drivers, companies and society

Our company has got a strong knowledge base from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd: leading researcher and inventor of patented solutions Kimmo Erkkilä and top professional of coding Paula Silvonen. The company is lead by merited professional Jarmo Leino, who has a background as a manager at Oxford Instruments Analytics department of space. Jarmo has immense knowledge of  programming and physics. In addition our company has top professionals in the fields of software engineering and product development.

Jarmo Leino profiilikuva


Jarmo Leino

Paula Silvonen profiilikuva


Paula Silvonen

Kimmo Erkkilä profiilikuva

Chairman of the board

Kimmo Erkkilä

Lenni Koivisto profiilikuva


Lenni Koivisto

Jani Marjamaa profiilikuva

Technical Sales

Jani Marjamaa

Jarmo Mäki profiilikuva

Sales Manager

Jarmo Mäki

System Architect

Ville Rontti

Quality Assurance

Vili Vasama

Senior Software Engineer

Hadaytullah Kundi

EEE Innovations Oy

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