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E3 DAS is an adaptable driving assistant system for your car and also a smart remote management system. E3 DAS allows drivers to drive more economically without harming schedules. The report system gives an extensive view of the entire fleet and the tools to optimize traffic.

Significant savings

E3 DAS assists the driver to achieve optimal driving and helps save approximately 5%-10% in fuel.  It’s possible to save up to 20%* already in a single drive in the city.

*Based on VTT 2019 RASTU and HDENIQ projects research results

Safety without compromising schedule

With clear feedback it’s possible to achieve a smoother driving style without compromising the schedule. This will reduce speeding, improve safety and give passengers a more comfortable travel experience.

Slowing vehicle wear

Improved driving will also reduce needles dents and wear to the vehicle. This will reduce especially those costs, which are normally hard to tackle.

Features you will get access to immidiately

Driving guidance

Real time driving assistance based on the route and schedule with optimal fuel use

Fuel usage

Detailed reports of the fuel usage of the vehicle and the driver

Driver feedback

Rewarding feedback system helps every aspect of driving. The system is supported by an extensive report of your performance.

Route feedback

Detailed reports to optimize the route: scoring of the performance, predictive driving, sudden turns and keeping to schedule.

Here’s how E3 DAS works


E3 DAS is connected to the on-board computer of the vehicle connecting vehicle data with the driver and external data, such as route schedules.


E3 DAS creates the optimal driving profile for each route and departure, which are sent to the vehicle.


E3 DAS assists the driver in driving according to the optimal driving profile. The guidance system adapts to the situation and keeps the vehicle on schedule.


E3 DAS reports driver performance scores directly to the driver and seperately to the operator.

E3 DAS interprets on-board computer data from the CAN port of the vehicle and enables real time driving guidance and performance analysis.

For the vehicle

Driving assistance inside vehicle.

  • Dynamic driving assitance
  • Visualised target speed
  • Slipperiness warnings
  • Instant feedback to the driver

E3 DAS helps the driver to drive more economically, safer and on schedule. E3 DAS adapts to schedule according to conditions during the drive.

For the office

Web app, in which the operator can define search parameters, for example:

  • Seperate analysis for the driver and vehicle, that adapts to external conditions such as weather.
  • Route specific fuel consumption report: daily, weekly or seasonally

Automatic reports defined by the operator

  • Seperate reports for each vehicle
  • Seperate reports for each driver
  • Possible parameters include: economic, driving style, accelerations, breaking and speeding

Record driver and vehicle 

  • Car behaviour before or during a crash
  • Car recordings attached to passenger feedback
  • Driver comments and notices

Feedback to the driver at the end of the day

  • Allows automatic summary of the day via email, which allows the driver improve their driving: reduce fuel consumption, more economic driving, correct route or driving guidance errors, reduce speeding, less risks, passenger feedback and much more.

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