E3 Sense

Forerunner in understanding your car

E3 Sense is our innovation that monitors your vehicle and its performance on the move, the drivers behaviour in addition to road conditions and road quality, providing you real time information for optimal performance. The necessary data for E3 Sense is provided by an additional E3 Blue device.

The same features used to require professional equipment worth thousands of dollars

Driving performance and safety

Vehicle health and predictive maintenance

Road conditions and dangerous areas

E3 Sense recognizes subtle details about the performance of your car


Tire change recommendations

Changes in tire pressure


Monitoring the condition of the vehicle

Accelerations, breaking and speeding

Engine power and torque

Loose joint warnings

Faulty brake warnings

Fuel consumption

E3 Sense works in real time without external or added sensors!

E3 Blue is attached to the OBD or CAN port of the vehicle, through which it interprets the on-board computer data using patented software. Our system produces information about the road and vehicle problems, damages and tire information. This allows you to predict car maintenance and repairs.

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