E3 Blue

E3 Blue is a vehicle computer, which records information from the CAN bus of your car. It produces a lot of data for you about the conditions of your car and the road you are driving on. In addition, E3 Blue is similar to an airplane black box showing what happened when a possible accident has occurred.


Additional services available

The device and connection

The device is installed into the car. The basic features include WiFi and Bluetooth connections and additionally possibility to use USB and HDMI connections. 


E3 Blue features

  • Records all data from the CAN port (250, 500 and 1000kbit/s) without any data loss
  • Records GPS location
  • Records data either according to a defined duration or maximum amount of data to an internal SSD. The capacity of the device is several days of data.
  • Data traffic is reduced to the minimum thanks to the ability to perform calculations inside the vehicle.
  • E3 Blue can be remotely controlled over the internet


Interface and connections:

  • Power supply compatible with 6-32v voltages
Technical information - E3 Blue vehicle computer

Intel Z8350 1.44 GHz 4 core

Ram 2-4 GB, SSD 32-64 Gb

Plug’n play setups

3G, Wifi, BT, GPS (Option 4G)

CAN bus reader (option for 2. CAN)

Operating voltage 6-32V

Over the air updates

Designed for harsh environment

Additional information

The product is resistant to dust and moisture.

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