E3 Cable is a wired connection between the car and the mobile phone. The cable has a built-in data converter that delivers car data to the phone. The cable is an affordable solution which allows a reliable connection while charging your phone. Just attach the cable to your car and you’re ready to go

E3 cable attaches directly to the OBD port in most cars. Here’s a list of compatible car brands. We will confirm adapters needed for other brands on request.

Cable configuration

Choose the correct connector for your device (USB C or Micro USB)

Technical information

Dimensions: 32x42x25mm

Charging current: 2A

Connector: OBD port

Warranty: 12 months (Finland only)

Manufacturer product code: E3Cable Vers.2.07

Operating voltage: (V) 9-36V DC


Cable choice 1

USB C  cable

Lengths: 0,7m, 1,0m and 1,5m

Warranty: 3 months (Finland only)


Cable choice 2

USB Micro cable, with OBD adapter

Lengths: 0,7m, 1,0m and 1,5m

Warranty: 3 months (Finland only)

Additional information

Gives E3 ForeC all E3 Sense features.

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