E3 Console is a fixed installation supernavigator in your car with an 8” screen. This large 8” screen produces automatic information about every aspect of the road and car. The easy to use screen is clear to see in any lighting or weather. The console has been created specifically to be used in cars and you can always adjust it to your liking. If needed you can also connect other functionalities to the screen.

The device and connection

The device is installed into the car and it produces all of the data trough a cable connection from the car.

Technical information

Dimensions: 237×160×34 (mm)

Screen: 8″ TFT-LCD Screen

Resolution: 1024×600 pixel

Memory: 8Gt (64G TF -card support)

Video formats: PAL/NTSC

IP Standard: IP 65 (Humidity limit 0-95%)

Power consumption: 7W

Power voltage: DC IN

Recommended operating temperature: -20C – +70C

Use buttons or touchscreen

WiFi, 1000Mbps Ethernet port and 4G high speed internet

built-in NFC-module, USB ports, WiFi 2,4G and 5G, RS232x2a,

Two channel stereo

Additional information

Gives E3 ForeC all E3 Sense features.

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