E3 Cable is a wireless connection between the car and the mobile phone. The module has a built-in data converter, that delivers car data to the phone. The cable is an easy solution, that shares data with your phone, tablet or any device that you have paired with the module. The device is also sold with a SIM card.

The device and the connection

The device is easy to install into your car and it produces all the data trough a bluetooth/wifi connection without blocking your bluetooth for your other devices.

Additional cable

E3 Module attaches directly the OBD port in most cars. Here’s a list of compatible car brands. Necessary adapters for other brands will be confirmed on request.

Technical information

Dimensions: 32x42x25mm

Connector: OBD port

Warranty: 12 months (Finland only)

Manufacturer product code: E3 Module Vers.2.10

Operating voltage (V): 9-36V DC

Bluetooth: Compatible with every kind of bluetooth

Wifi: Compatible with most kinds of WiFi

SIM-card: Mini SIM

Additional information

Gives E3 ForeC all E3 Sense features.

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