Three patents for E3 Innovations

Published: 9.11.2022

E3 Innovations is a Finnish startup specialising in turning vehicle data into tangible benefits. E3 products enable predictive maintenance, operational savings for fleet operators and sensorless road condition monitoring for the authorities and operators. 

E3 has been granted three patents for:


E3 CEO Kimmo Erkkilä says that the patents protect the core of E3’s dynamic vehicle behaviour modelling technology. “This technology gives us a material competitive advantage in the market, because it enables vehicle and road condition monitoring without added sensors utilising the data that has not been filtered by vehicle’s own systems.Once we have the whole potential of these patents utilised, it will mean a great disruption in the field of vehicle IoT”

Condition monitoring of a vehicle is the process of detecting the changes in a vehicle’s dynamic behaviour. Vehicle positioning enables exact positioning without any satellite support or additional sensors. Enhancement of map data is a way to enrich the existing map data with the vehicle generated road quality and failure information. 

Erkkilä’s vision is to foresee the emerging problems in the vehicles and road conditions.  This will increase road safety and decrease the operational costs of vehicle owners and municipalities. 

E3 is  currently preparing to grow outside the Nordics with its offering of tire monitoring, brake monitoring, abs and bearing monitoring, malfunction indicator collecting, driver training, road condition monitoring and much more in the development. 

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