The only system that checks mid-drive

-condition of brakes

and gives a warning about
– slippery areas
– bumbs and speedbumbs

E3 Innovations Oy – Leader in turning car data into real benefits 

We create smart products and world class services for drivers and the vehicle industry.

Our company is the only one in the world that gives you the data your vehicle creates regardless of the brand of the vehicle. No more barriers between the driver and the car. You can see the changes in the condition of your vehicle and imminent dangers on the road along your journey.

Products for sale

E3 Tire Monitor

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E3 Black Box

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E3 Streamer

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E3 ForeC

E3 ForeC is a user interface for the driver, that provides you with an overview of what to expect along your drive. E3 ForeC warns you in advance about the conditions of the road, slipperiness and road damages so you can avoid dangerous situations. E3 ForeC shows you what’s up with your car.

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E3 Sense

E3 Sense recognizes how your car and the driver behave and displays the conditions of the road such as slipperiness. The product is based on patented and patent pending inventions. E3 Sense learns characteristics of your vehicle and tells you concretely when something has changed or is changing. You are able to fix possible issues before they happen so they won’t hinder your driving.

E3 ForeC app screenshot

By combining E3 Blue and the E3 ForeC-application, you’ll get warnings straight to your phone

E3 ForeC displays real-time data gathered by E3 Blue and processed by E3 Sense on your phonefor example information on slipperiness and damages on the road.


E3 DAS is a one of a kind tool intended for scheduled professional transport. It reduces fuel usage and keeps your vehicle on time better. Your company is able to save thanks to better guidance and monitoring vehicles.  E3 DAS includes all E3 features such as E3 Sense and E3 ForeC.

Founded in 2014, EEE Innovations Oy provides software based safety, predictability and finance improving solutions for drivers. The company has 4 patented inventions of its own and two exclusive VTT inventions (Patent Pending and Patent Granted). The company provides solutions for all kinds of drivers, from private individuals to professional drivers and from passenger cars to heavy vehicles. 

EEE Innovations Oy

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