E3 ForeC

Make your journey safe by foreseeing dangers

ForeC foresees what’s ahead, for example incoming road conditions, road damages, accidents and other disturbances and warns you when you approach a detected disturbance. This way the driver can prepare for what’s ahead.

E3 ForeC has been developed for the needs of drivers, providing smart features directly to your phone.


This is how E3 ForeC works

Begin by downloading the E3 ForeC app on your Android device from the Play Store. You will get access to an app that warns you in advance about road conditions, slipperiness and road damages so you can avoid dangerious situations.

There are additional E3 Sense features that can be visualized in the ForeC app. You get access to those features once you get an additional E3 Blue device. The optional additional features include E3 Tire Monitor, E3 Black Box and E3 Streamer.

Efficiency and safety for drivers on the road

Traffic safety

Economic driving

Real time traffic information

Precise diagnostics

All this asĀ  E3 ForeC features

Efficiency and safety for drivers on the road

Traffic and congestion information

Speed cameras

Slipperiness warnings

Potholes / Speedbumps

Speed limits

E3 Blue and E3 Sense bring you additional features

By attaching our additional device E3 Blue into the OBD port of your car you get instant access to these features. The installation does not require any special knowledge, you can do it yourself in a few minutes.

Vehicle diagnostics

Changes in the tyre pressure

Recommendations for changing the tires

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